I live in Germany close to Hamburg.

Peter Wiens

Wildlife and Nature Photographer

I enjoy nature with all my senses. Originally, only out in nature with binoculars in 2009 I got more into digital photography. Even if my focus is on animal photography, I am open to all other areas. In short, I photograph whatever I feel like. For me, nature photography includes:

  • Respect
    To preserve nature and avoid disturbances. Even after the photo, it is important to retreat carefully.
  • Know-how
    It is helpful if you not only know the photography technique well, but also understand more about your photo subjects and nature as a whole. It is important to keep learning more.
  • Winding down
    Getting up at 2 a.m. to photograph black grouse, for example. By concentrating on nature photography, problems in my actual job (IT consulting) quickly fade into the background.
  • Patience
    Good camouflage and time will help you blend in with nature. This can also mean spending half a day in a camouflage photography tent.
  • Sacrifice
    It is not always possible to take pictures from the car window. When it comes to goals that are difficult to achieve, it is important to limit yourself to the essentials - also with regard to the lenses - and to leave your comfort zone.
  • Persistence
    It often takes many attempts to get the desired motif in front of the camera.
  • Curiosity
    Nature is full of wonders. Let us discover these.
  • Flexibility
    Often the photo does not turn out as desired. Then it is time to break new ground. If necessary, night is turned into day.

Hopefully, my pictures will help to awaken enthusiasm and thus respect for nature in other people as well. Have fun looking at my pictures.

In Action